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Sometimes I forget that I live at the beach and that Florida isn't all terrible humidity and tons of bugs (at least not at 7am). Yesterday I tried getting up at the crack of...

A Day at the Races

Yesterday Jason and I did something different - we actually went sailing. Before yesterday it had been an embarrassingly long time since (July 4th!) I'd actually been out on the water. We've been so busy building...

El Galeón Comes to Port Canaveral

Can you believe it has been 500 years since Ponce de Leon and his peeps first stepped foot on American soil? Where has the time gone?! It seems like just yesterday good ole...

Must See: Hourglass Brewery; Longwood, FL

It's a fact - Jason has one of the biggest and most complicated family trees possible. Every time we meet up with his fam I ended up meeting 5-10 new people. So, it came...

Florida or Bust!

Last Sunday was the day. The day we packed up all our remaining belongings and began our last morning as New York residents. We may have left a little later than we hoped, ok a...