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Real Life Tetris Skills

Have you ever wondered how much stuff you could actually fit in one of those Dodge Caravans? I've always seen those commercials where they fit a whole youth soccer team AND their equipment, but I've...
Street Side Tomato Cart in Bogota, Colombia

Backpacking in Bogota, Colombia

I fell for Bogota. I fell hard. This city is amazing. It's gritty, it's bold, it's vibrant. And, it was COLD. I packed for a tropical Caribbean vacation and we were greeted with cold, wind and...

New York To-Do List

I've lived in New York City for over six years now, but there is still many cool things I've never done. With only 85 days left until our departure (!) I figured I needed...
Bogota Graffiti

Bogota, Colombia – The Graffiti

I have this weird obsession with graffiti and had a blast swooning over the great works of art that decorated Bogota. It was bright and beautiful. So much more thought went into these creations...

Tolu & The San Bernardo Islands – Colombia

We absolutely fell in love with Tolu. It's such a quaint little town where the locals choose their bikes of cars. Even the taxis are bicitaxis! I tell you, I have no idea how...