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Cruising up the Hudson River

Who knew that once we left the Caribbean that we’d still be able to find blissfully peaceful and secluded anchorages. Jason and I took a 4 day weekend and motor-sailed ourselves up the Hudson...

Weekend Getaway: Sandy Hook, NJ

It's Wednesday and I'm still suffering a fresh air hangover. My vision is a little cloudy, I can’t focus and my body is rebelling from being stuck indoors all day long. This past weekend...

Playing Tourist in NYC

Well we had our first non-boating guests stay aboard recently. Given they didn't run screaming from the boat over the fact they couldn't flush their toilet paper, I'd say it was a success. My...

Relaxing at Canada Lake

One thing I love about living up north is that people really take advantage of every season they get. They know it will only be here for a couple of months so they better...


If I had to pick just one thing that I got out of this journey so far I think it would be perspective. I have a new view on what I want from life...