Sunsets and Priming

Gorgeous Florida sunset at Cape Marina

We’ve been really busy over at Chance the last few days. It’s hard to believe all we’ve gotten done given our still ridiculously long to-do list. We wake up at 7:30am and work until the sun goes down, take a break for dinner and then either do projects in the boat or finish up a little online research. It is non-stop, 24/7. Its so much work I often forget why we’re even doing this. Then, I get a glimpse of a beautiful sunset, or see a dolphin playing with a few resting pelicans and it all comes back to me. The last few days we’ve made the kind of progress where we get a hint of what this lady is going to look like when she’s done – and she is going to be freaking gorgeous.

Jason showing me sexy
Now who is that sexy lady? I was sick of getting paint on all my running shorts so I decided to wear the XL paint coveralls Jason had lying around.

After what felt like months spent fairing and sanding the hull, we did our final round of wet sanding and then we applied the most expensive paint I’ve ever purchased. The worst part is it was only a primer, we still have to spend a boat load (ha!) of money on the actual top side paint!

Once we finished the hull it was time for the deck. First we had to barrier coat it (after fairing and sanding of course) to fill in all the cracks on our 40 year old deck. Two barrier coats and a primer coat later we’re ready to apply the white deck paint. I’m so used to seeing the cracks and fairing compound I am not sure I’ll recognize her when she has a new shiny look! grey-primer-deckcleaning-portlights

Just because we were gluttons for punishment, once the sun fell and the temps dropped we spent a few hours each evening getting all the old caulk off the portlights. Turns out that new caulk won’t stick to old caulk, creating leaks if any of the old stuff is left on. Oh, the things I’ve learned! The winning formula for removing the old gunk was to spray it with Motsenbockers foam and sealant remover, scrape as much of it off as you can get, spray it again and then attack it with a wire brush. We got those suckers shiny! Took forever, but we got the job done.

I really cannot wait to see what this baby looks like. She better be gorgeous.

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