Chief Navigator

Riley showing us a reef to avoid on our way from Snake Cay to Lynyard Cay

Now that we’ve been in the Bahamas for over a month (What?!) we’ve been reevaluating our division of labor. There has been a lot of discussion about who should be doing what and how often. In order to maximize our enjoyment of this little adventure we’re on it makes sense for us to split up some tasks for the greater good of the team, right? As of late Riley has been making one hell of a case for Chief Navigator. Should we promote him?

Guys, we need to go this way
I’m so bored. I already told you to ease off 2 degrees

PS. Ignore our “ridiculously in need of varnish” floor boards. We’ve been busy enjoying the freaking Bahamas instead of working on our boat. Mmkay?

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  1. Keith and I are just loving your blog right now. You are satisfying our Bahama fix until we get a taste ourself. I’ve been craving conch salad for a week now thanks to your post! Keep having fun!!

  2. That’s a fine looking Navigator candidate you have there. Either that or Document Anchor Mass (aka: paperweight).