Comforts of Home


Living on the hard during a complete refit of Chance has really given me an appreciation for the comforts of home. You know, things like having access to a bathroom that is less than a 5 minute walk away and running water. Another comfort we recently got back was having a table in our main cabin to eat our meals on. In fact, I am writing this post with my computer open on it right now! We’re so fancy over here.

The original design of the boat had a giant table smack dab in the center of the boat. When both leafs (when you are talking about tables is it leaves or leafs?) were open you could barely get around it. With two dogs on board this just wasn’t going to cut it.

IMG_7512-2{Original interior layout with the table folded down}


{Original design with the table taking up the entire interior.}

 So, we ripped out the centerboard trunk (don’t worry, we’re running the lines differently) and threw the giant table overboard. We took off both leafs and designed a fancy fold down and out table system that was more appropriate for a liveaboard setup. This way when its just Jason and I eating one of my home cooked gourmet meals we can just fold down the table leaving the second leaf folded up. If we’re having guests over we can easily unfold the leaf and comfortably sit four people.


{Here is the table half way down. You can see the hinges on the end where the top leaf folds out doubling the eating space}Seafarer-table-up

{Our fancy table safely stowed and out of the way. I kind of want to cut up my Ork Brooklyn poster and epoxy it to the back of the table}

The first night we ate dinner at our new table we invited Bob, our boating neighbor, over and I made meatballs from one of my favorite Brooklyn restaurants’ cookbooks – The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual (Do yourself a favor and buy the cookbook. Easily the best meatballs and french toast recipes out there). When my mom came over Saturday to check in our progress I made her a nice Shrimp and Mango Lettuce Wrap lunch, drank a bottle of Publix BOGO wine and walked her through all the progress we’ve made since her first visit over here.

Now, when I can end my day without dirt under my fingernails that will be real progress.

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