Culinary Adjustments

Forgive my lack of props and styling in this food shot. Most of my pretty galley gear is tucked inside a plastic bin under the boat. PS. the corn english muffins are seriously delicious.
bubbling up nicely!

Living on a boat is all about making adjustments. Conserving fresh water by washing in salt water and only rinsing in fresh, walking a 1/4 mile every time I need to use the facilities (which will change once we’re in the water where I’ll be able to use our very own toilet freely), and making your egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches with powdered eggs instead of fresh. Now, I’ve read all about how you can keep farm fresh eggs on a boat for weeks at a time without refrigeration but I can’t seem to find any in this great state of Florida. Which is truly surprising given the entire center of the state is farm land. Fed up with not having access to a hearty homemade egg and cheese sandwich, Jason and I ordered a pack of these powdered eggs off of Amazon. We weren’t able to find any whole powdered eggs in Publix or Walmart, though Publix did have powdered egg whites.

I was a little hesitant about giving these guys a shot, but I have to say they were pretty good! You just mix equal parts water to powder, stir and cook the same as a regular egg. You can only make scrambled eggs with these or use them while baking. Two TBSP of powder equals one egg. Another bonus is these suckers clean out of your pan so much easier than regular eggs. While I do love the convenience of the powder you better believe I’ll be loading up on real eggs when I find them. I mean, I just have to use my fancy egg cartons!

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