Curse of Being a Wee Little Lady

Under our galley sink, before all our fancy trim was installed

I am short. I have always been short and have only recently come to terms with the fact that I will always be short. In elementary school I distinctly remember my mom having to assure me that “good things come in small packages” after a tear filled day of physicals where I was by far the shortest in the class. With my modeling dreams crushed I tried to focus on all the good I could do with my pint size packaging. You know, like curl up into a ball to get comfortable on an airplane (I am pretty sure my seat neighbors think I am crazy), get thrown high up into the air as a UF Cheerleader and most recently crawl into teeny tiny cubbies in our boat. It seems all I’ve been doing lately is climbing into cubbies. It really is shocking the number of them that I can fit in to. Under the sink – check. Behind the starboard settee – check. In the bilge – probably check (haven’t tried that one yet!). In the aft lazerette – check. In the anchor locker – check. You get the point. While every muscle in my body is sore from contorting into weird positions to get into these spaces, it is good to know that I have options if things start to go down.

Hanging up fancy LED strip lighting so I can see everything in my big bad cubbie

While it is fun to know exactly which cubbies you can fit into, there was a point to shoving me into the dark corners of our boat. We’ve been finishing bedding deck hardware, installing our windlass and bowsprit, securing winches, installing fancy led strip lights in cabinets and putting our swim ladder back on. I can now confidently state that the “fiberglass itch” is worse than any bugs I’ve encounter living in Florida. But, it is all in the name of getting on with this adventure!

Ok, I have to go climb into another cubbie to glass in a shelf. All in a day’s work.

PS. We’re almost done!! The mast wires are run, and Jason is running the lines as I type this. Then we step the mast. THEN we get out of here! Hip Hip HOORAY!

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  1. Our refrigerator’s drain is way back in the bottom most corner it can be, and since I’m 5 feet tall guess who got to crawl all the way in to clean it out! Being claustrophobic didn’t help at all. I hate being short too but I guess it has paid off a couple of times.