DIY Sailboat Hammocks


sailboat_hammock_nettingSince we’ve started this journey Jason and I have always wished we had a hammock on board. Since it wasn’t absolutely necessary to get us on our way it always stayed on the Amazon Wish List instead of in our cart. Sigh. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures people. One day when Jason was off spearfishing I was determined to find some way to make us a hammock. Enough of this lounging on a towel crap. I wanted to be suspended in the air while I sunbathed!

We had a bunch of left over life line netting that I was going to use to put up small hammocks inside the boat to store bread and other light things. *Light Bulb.* Turns out life line netting makes an excellent hammock for people as well. It is a bit rough on exposed skin, but putting a towel between you and the hammock fixes that. A quick search online revealed that a single size hammock is roughly 10 ft long by 5 ft wide which happened to be almost exactly the size we had left over. I wove short lengths of rope through the ends and then hung one side to the jib and the other to the bail for the spinnaker pole on the mast. Works like a charm! If you are friends with us on Facebook (and if you are not, you should be!) you already got to see me basking in my glory, but now Jason wanted his chance. I foresee this being one of our biggest fights – determining who’s turn it is in the hammock.

We also suspect that sunshade fabric could make a great hammock material. Its lightweight, airy, pretty durable and best of all we already have it on board! All you would have to do is hem the edges and fold over the ends so that a rope could slide through it. Maybe there are bunk hammocks in our future?

Dewey likes the hammock too. Riley was so sad he couldn't get up there with Jason!
Dewey likes the hammock too. Riley was so sad he couldn’t get up there with Jason!

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