Dropping Things


I think I have mentioned this before but Jason and I are both pretty clumsy. We run into things, we trip and we inevitably drop things. Not so much of a problem when you are on land, but on the water it is kind of a bigger deal. Yesterday Jason was measuring out our new traveler to be cut down when he dropped the stops that go on the ends. SPLASH. In slow motion he watched the stops sink further and further down into the water and out of reach.

Jason marked the spot they went into the water on our hard rails and immediately tried to locate an underwater flashlight (Note: this will be addd to our “to buy” list) in hopes that we would be able to see them. No such luck. So we were left hoping we’d be able to find them in the morning when Jason was able to dive the boat. I took the optimistic route, “Hey, they might be there in the morning” while Jason took a slightly more pessimistic tone, “You are crazy. The tide took those so far away from the boat. We’ll never find them.”



{Our friend at the marina was kind enough to let us borrow his awesome pink tank to dive the boat. Have I mentioned pink is Jason’s favorite color? Fair warning dear readers, our next boat will likely be pink.}

Regardless of what Jason thought the outcome was going to be, he dove the boat. The water in the Cape is super murky and you really can’t see much of anything. Jason was going to have to feel for the stops and hope they didn’t really move much from their initial descent down.


During his first dive down he came up with a cane. A CANE! It was covered in barnacles and really made me curious as to its story. What happened to the person after they dropped the cane? Were they OK? How long has it been down there? On his second dive he came up with a razor blade that we had dropped and one of the stops! He was so excited he found it that he literally dropped it. I kid you not. Down it went. Again. I won’t even begin to repeat the things that came out of his mouth. Down he went. Again. Third time must be a charm because my man came up with both stops! WOO HOO! Mission accomplished.

On land it would of taken him about 5 seconds to pick up what he dropped. On the water it took a day and a half. Just a little food for thought.

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  1. That is the most awesome tank ever! It would match my other dive gear perfectly…I think I need one. And good for Jason for diving in the murky water, I couldn’t do it! 🙂

  2. I’ve dropped some pricey things overboard, and they can stay there! Kuckee marina water along with nasty catfish keep me above! Pink tank or not!!