And Then Our Engine Won’t Turn Off



So remember that time I told you our engine wouldn’t start? Right. Well it is only fitting that now it wouldn’t turn off. I’m talking it still runs after you take the key out and cut the wires at the ignition. Yesterday we were trouble-shooting our original problem (wouldn’t start) when we were trying to get some water out of the engine that had back flowed into due to a broken check valve. After we had pumped out everything we could we were turning the engine over in a couple second intervals in order to splash out any remaining moisture. Then it wouldn’t turn off at all. I pushed the key hard into the off position. Nothing. I took the key out. Nothing. Jason came up into the cockpit and tried as well. Nothing. We cut the wires to the ignition. NOTHING.

At this point I was really starting to freak out. I was worried we would burn up some really important part of our engine (or worse, our whole engine) and smoke was really starting to fill up our boat. And to top it off I had no idea how to turn the damn thing off! (editor’s note: It is important to note that Jason was much more methodical in his trouble shooting and appeared to have a plan of attack during this whole mess while I was unsuccessfully trying not to freak out)

I immediately grabbed the dogs from the v-berth and shoved them out our hatch (a 20×20 hole in our ceiling) and then carried them down a ladder to get them as far away from the smoke as possible. It had conveniently rained about 15 minutes ago so everything was incredibly slick. You can imagine how much they loved this whole idea. After they were safely away from the smoke I raced up to help Jason in any way I possibly could. Jason finally got the damn thing stopped by cutting a cable to the battery, but not before it gave him a pretty good shock.

After a little research last night it appears the problem has something to do with our alternator (yea! something new!). It’s a new day and we’re back at it again. Fingers crossed we didn’t screw anything else up. Just once we’d like something to go smoothly. You hear me, Poseidon? (Or whatever god looks over the boat yard.)

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