Fairing and Sanding and Fairing and Sanding. And More Fairing and Sanding


Fairing-Compound{Mixing fairing compound}

While I wait for my supplies to arrive so I can fix up our sails, I’ve been spending my time with Jason at our boat. I was lured here with promises of painting and making our boat start to look like a real sailing vessel. However, all we’ve been doing is fairing and sanding and fairing and sanding and… well, you get the point.


{Jason rocking the air sander Рmy favorite of our sanding tools. Of course I have put the sanding tools in order of my hatred level towards them.}

I understand these are key steps in readying Chance for her paint job but after three non-stop days of using a finishing sander I can barely lift my arms above my head. You know that feeling you get when you get into bed after a day spent swimming in the ocean or riding a roller coaster? Yea, I’m getting that same feeling about using a sander – no bueno! If this boat’s hull isn’t as smooth as a baby’s bottom I may just scream.¬†All our paint should arrive by noon and we’ll be spending the afternoon priming our topsides and deck! Woohoo! I may cry tears of joy.

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