Braving Our First Storm Aboard


While Chance has weathered many storms in her 40 year history (most recently Sandy, which she came out of like a CHAMP), yesterday marked the first storm she’s weathered with us and the dogs on board. We had a nasty and unpredicted little storm blow through. We expected a little rain but no where in the forecast did it mention that we’d have 80 mph gusts and sideways rain! Apparently 80 miles is enough to blow off all your hatches, your neighbor’s hatch nearly into your boat scratching up your new paint job and pick up your dingy and slam it into the ladder so it falls to the ground with you still on board (also scratching your new paint job). The whole area was under a tornado warning and let me tell you – it is REALLY hard to tell the difference between the boat who’s horn sounds like a freight train from what just may be a tornado coming for you. And, in case you were wondering, it was impossible to look for funnel clouds when the rain is literally coming sideways directly into your eyes.


Apparently 80mph winds are also enough to blow through the Cape Marina sign and send the “N” straight into a windshield. It’s also enough to blow some of the changeable letters all the way over to our boat which is about 75 yards away.


What I think may be the dirtiest damage was to the port-o-potty. It got knocked completely on its side sending all of its contents to flow through the yard. I feel bad for our friends Ken and Glennis who happen to be right next to it. There is now a nice scent of piss flowing through the air. I guess that is better than the other smell!


{All of our nice sapele, cedar and teak thrown all around}

All in all Chance weathered the storm well. After our hatches blew off the entire inside of the boat was soaked, but I am just seeing it as an opportunity to test out how well my new Hypervent does at airing out our cushions. A lot of our expensive wood is now warped (no amount of bungies were keeping the tarp over the wood) and our motor was knocked to the ground. I also managed to learn just how bad a choice it was for me to wear jean shorts this morning. Those suckers sucked up a lot of that sideways rain.


Once we got our hatches strapped down and prevented any more water from coming inside the boat, we curled up with the dogs in the v berth and watched Bottle Shock while eating frozen cheese and Wheat Thins with a spoon and drinking boxed wine. We really are a classy group.

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