Galley Cooking



Well, we hit a pretty cool milestone the other day – we cooked our first meal on board Chance! We may have no walls but we sure as hell have a stove. Our meal of choice to christen our new (to us) stove/oven was Mac n’ Cheese with Kielbasa. And, after a hard day of work it was freaking delicious.

Boat stove/ovens are typically insanely priced and I never thought I’d be able to have one on board. Given the relatively short length of our sail we really couldn’t justify dropping more than a grand on something we really didn’t need. I was fully prepared to use my pressure cooker for baking breads and even found this cool stovetop oven that I put on my wish list. Challenging myself to keep us fed with these new gadgets got me really excited so I was almost disappointed when Jason found a great deal on this old Hillerange 3-burner stove/oven combo on Craigslist. There are still a few adjustments I’ll have to make using this guy vs cooking at home. For instance, I’ll have to find pot clamps to hold my pans in place so they don’t slide around and pour boiling water all over me when we tack. Also, boat ovens are a lot smaller than traditional ovens so I had to go through my bakeware and figure out what would fit. All I needed to get was a smaller cookie sheet.

We’ve got the stove up and running, but Jason is still fixing up the oven. We cannot wait to christen that with a Digiorno. Don’t worry, it just fits – we measured!

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