Getting Close


floating-chesapeake{Jason floating in the Chesapeake during happier times when our boat was in the water}

This may be the hardest part of the journey so far. We are so close to launching that I cry a little inside each time something is added to my list to be completed before we splash down. All major things have been built, but the problem is that every time you think a small project will take a hour it turns into an all day affair. It also doesn’t help that our marina’s power has fried 3 surge protectors and 3 cordless tool chargers on us. And this my friends is the hard part. The waiting. Jason and I have been dreaming about this trip for over a year and we just. want. to. get. moving. I get so anxious to make progress that I sometimes forget how important it is to make sure we’re doing everything right so that we’re safe as we travel. I was talking to my grandmother last night (wishing her a happy Mother’s Day of course) and she helped me put things back in perspective. Its so great you are taking your time and doing it right so that everything is taken care of before you leave and you can enjoy everything once you do. She’s right of course, but it doesn’t change the fact that I am itching to get in the water again. I forget what it is like to feel that rush of being powered solely by the wind, of the salt spray in your face and of being on my way to experiencing something completely new.

Since we’re departing so much later than possible, we’re changing our route yet again. We’re sadly cutting out the Bahamas and booking it as quickly to Central America as possible so that we can get south of Belize and we can avoid the major hurricane zones. Statistically, most hurricanes don’t come until August so we’re hoping we can avoid any scares during our first months as cruisers. I was really excited about the Bahamas as they are supposed to be an excellent training ground for new cruisers, but it would stall us out east when we really are headed west. We’ll make it there someday, but for now we’re focused on our safety. We may also be considering cutting through Florida via Lake Okeechobee solely to hit up a Trader Joes for provisioning. But, the lake sailing is also probably a pretty good training sail for us as well.

We’re close people. Send us thoughts of rainless days so that we can finish everything as quickly as possible.

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