Give a Man a Net


And he shall provide! We’ve had this pretty crazy phenomenon happening over in these parts for the last week or so. Every night hundreds, maybe thousands, of fish go on a hunting spree for the mullet that populate the waters near the docks. The entire section of water between the docks starts to look like it is boiling and quickly makes its way from the end of the dock in towards the seawall. The sound it makes is quite loud as well – a big rumbling. When it gets closer you see the mullet jumping out of the water to narrowly miss the open jaws of the jack crevelles that are hunting them. There is a TON ย of splashing and barking from our dogs who are scared out of their minds and have no idea what is going on. The fish jump into the boats and if you have no idea what is going on it can be a pretty frightening incident. One of our neighbors were woken from a deep sleep and thought their boat was sinking!

After watching this for a few nights I told Jason, “Its too bad we don’t have a net, I bet you could just scoop these suckers up.” Without saying a word Jason went and borrowed one from the yacht club and had it ready to go for the next time. When it happened again, we were ready.

The hunting was starting earlier and earlier each day and yesterday around 2pm we heard the faint sound of rumbling. Before the fish had even made it to our boat Jason was armed with the net at the sea wall. The fish started hunting right at our boat and I yelled for him to get back over here but when I looked up he had two fish in his net. I couldn’t believe it. Before I could run up to him he had another three. He caught FIVE fish in less than 5 minutes. He used no bait, didn’t even need a fishing pole. They just jumped right in! My man shall provide!


Our friend Skip happened to come by just to see how we were doing and ended up teaching us how to filet a fish. Neither Jason or I had any experience filleting a fish so we were really happy to have someone show us how to do it instead of referencing a handy dandy chart I had previously pinned. With five fish we didn’t even care if we messed up a few, we had fish to spare! And, we finally got to try out the fancy fillet knife my mom had got us for Christmas. (It works great mom!)

fish-filleting-lesson{Skip showing us how it is done. These fish were pretty bloody, but strategic cropping made the pics a little more PG.}ย 


{Jason taking a stab (Ha!) at it}


{I get my hand into the mess. The most strategic part of this is getting the steak off the skin. Going slow and steady are key. And a sharp knife.}


{Looks like free dinner to me.}

With 10 fresh fish steaks on ice I quickly invited some friends over and our fresh catch turned into a dinner party. One thing I do love (out of many) about living on the water is people go with the flow (both literally and figuratively). In New York if I would have invited friends over last minute for a dinner party a lot of them would not be able to make it because of packed schedules. Here, people walk by the boat, come aboard, and have a grand ole time.


  1. Nice job! I love that part (community) of being at the docks as well. Always someone stopping by for a drink or a chat. Or fresh fish fillets ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. OMG!! What great timing for this post. This morning found me jumping aboveboard when I heard (and felt) a thunderous noise all around our boat. I later told Hans that it looked like the water around me was ‘boiling’. It scared the crap out of me until my neighbor told me it was bait fish attempting to get away from the ‘Jacks’. This went on all day long. Tomorrow I intend to buy a net. You’ve already caught more fish than we have and we’ve been on board for over two years.

    • Hey Laura we’ve recently learned that the Florida law doesn’t like it when you use a net – just a heads up.