Goals, Schmoals


Remember that time I set a silly goal to be in the water May 1? Well, it turns out there is a reason I don’t set goals. It’s now May 9th and not only are we still on the hard, we are still a few days away from putting Chance in the water. We are getting so incredibly close. The inside of the boat is mildly livable, I can pour my pasta water down the sink drain, we can sleep on our fancy bed now that we finally got proper hinges, and our boat actually is starting to have some deck hardware installed again. It’s amazing how such small things really make a huge difference. I’ve gone from “problems” such as “Where or where will I store my 50+ pairs of shoes in a 244 sq ft apartment?” to “Man, it would be nice to be able to do the dishes inside the boat instead of carrying a teetering pile of pots and pans down a ladder to do them with the hose.” While I still will have to find space to store my slightly smaller shoe collection aboard, my priorities have certainly taken a turn. Anywho, back to the business at hand – what the heck we’ve been up to the last 10 days! Here’s some photo proof that we’ve actually been working instead of lounging at the beach (Side note: I have lived at the beach now for 4 months and have yet to actually go. There is something seriously wrong with that!)


{Enjoying our full size bed. Our portside settee folds out into a full size bed giving Jason enough room for his 6’3″ frame.}prop-glass-work

{Jason doing some glasswork on our hull}5200-installation

{Fun with 5200 before the wood cockpit coming is attached}

Off to finishing hooking up our newly moved holding tank, but that’s a shitty story for another day.

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