Unimpressed with Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas

New Plymouth Settlement on Green Turtle Cay

I had high hopes for Green Turtle Cay (which is in the Central part of the Abaco chain in the Bahamas). Everything I read sang praise to the pristine white beaches and the friendliest people you will encounter in the Bahamas. While the people certainly have been friendly, the rest of the island leaves a lot to be desired. It is possible that we have been spoiled with all the uninhabited islands we’ve encountered from Walker’s Cay down to Powell Cay, but we found the beaches to be kind of dirty and the fishing to be non existent.

The Gator Nation IS everywhere! Saw this bad boy tied up at a dock in New Plymouth.


Dewey is tired from a long day managing the lines on our way to Green Turtle Cay

What the island lacked in beautiful beaches it more than made up for in its amenities. Green Turtle Cay is the first stop we’ve made that has had any sizable settlement. New Plymouth, the main town on the island, has grocery stores where you can pay $4 for a can of soup, liquor stores where you can pay $10 for a bottle of Bahamian rum and $5 for the pineapple juice to mix it with, hardware stores where you can replace the tip of your spear that up and walked away surprisingly for the same price we paid in the states and a bank that is open on Thursdays. The island also has a bunch of cute restaurants and beachside bars that if we weren’t on such a tight budget I am sure we would have enjoyed a bit more.

The north side of the island
We thought we’d park our dinghy smack dab in the middle of a giant sandbar and go on a hunt for the giant sand dollars we were told hung out there. They didn’t.

During our one jaunt to the land of happy hour we dinghied over to the Roger Jolly bar at Bluff House which is near where we were holed up during the big blows that came through. Drinks were 2-4-1 and potent. It was nice to go to an actual bar for a change! Bluff House and the Green Turtle club actually have a pretty sweet deal going on right now. If you are docked in one of their slips you can apply your food/bar bill towards your dockage. So lets say your bar bill is $30 and your dockage is $40, your net dockage bill is only $10! It is too bad I hate docking our boat or that would of been a pretty sweet way to get a nice shower in. And, out of pure curiosity, we asked how much laundry was if I wanted to use their machines. We knew it would be expensive but $10 to wash and dry is crazy! It is a good thing I managed to catch 12 gallons of water and could do our laundry by hand. Water is pretty cheap over at the Green Turtle Club at $.20 a gallon if you need to fill your tanks.

Needless to say we’re incredibly ready to move on. After battling days of zero sleep out of fear of smashing into the boats next to us we’re heading to New Guana Cay. Besides having the world famous Nippers Bar, it is supposed to have the third largest barrier reef in the world. Let’s get this party started!

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