Haircuts in The Bahamas



So it looks like I have one more “skill” to add to my resume: hair stylist! Before I left to head back to NYC Jason had me attempt to cut his hair. I was game to try because worst case scenario we could just give him a buzz cut. While I’m pretty sure my cut would make my good friend and stylist, Marissa, cringe, I think I did an OK job given we were sitting on a boat in the middle of the Bahamas. What do you think? Not sure Jason agreed though given that I noticed he buzzed it a bit more when we skyped the other day. Oh well!

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  1. Motor? you don’t need a stinkin motor! Hope you guys are doing well, we are back in ut but two days before we left to get back to work, we found our next and last boat!!! A pacific seacraft 37. There is some work to be done but we will have a boat we can track you guys down with. Untill our paths cross again, we will be reading about where we want to be.
    Jamey, Jill, and Jessie