Storage Hack: Hanging Pockets


Vagabond_aft_cabin_drawersIts that time of year again, when all the lucky cruisers are heading south to warmer waters. Us? We are starting our preparations for winter. The other weekend I headed to our storage unit to do The Great Closet Swap where I pack up all my sundresses and shorts and switched them out for leggings and big chunky sweaters while pretending not to cry. The problem with The Swap is that winter attire takes up significantly more space than summer attire. Finding a home for everything was a challenge in an apartment but is even more of a puzzle on a boat.

The Vagabond 42 may have what I fondly refer to as a “shit ton of storage”, but our very shallow drawers are no match for my sweaters, no matter how tightly rolled or neatly folded. I had to get creative. I wanted to add more usable storage, but didn’t want to use a big basket that would take up the complete open space of our vanity area. My fix, HANGING POCKETS!

Now, I am a self-diagnosed pocket addict. I love pockets in my skirts, I love the hidden pockets in my running pants. I have been even known to profess my love for the truly genius pockets cleverly built into my dresses after a few glasses of wine. So, my “ingenious” solution really shouldn’t come as a surprise, but whatever, it works.

I was inspired by those hanging bins from Pottery Barn Kids, but I wanted to maximize the space I had to work with so I knew I was going to have to make it myself. I whipped out my Sailrite and some canvas fabric I picked up off a Brooklyn street corner that someone was giving away. Khaki is definitely not my first color choice, but you really can’t beat free. I made the pockets three inches deep so that there would be plenty of space for t-shirts and socks and I left about two inches between each pocket so you could get things in and out easily. Once all the seems were sewed I grabbed my Pres-n-Snap and hung that bad boy up. The Pres-n-Snap is seriously a miracle tool. While it didn’t make my list of must have sewing supplies (because you don’t actually use it to sew), it IS a truly indispensable tool to have aboard. I used a snap in each upper corner and it has been plenty to hold the weight of the clothes it stores.

We have a few more storage fixes to implement, but I’m really happy with my first. What storage hacks have you come up with?

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