Harbortown Flea Market

Jason getting all the tips and tricks from Chris Webb, a local rigger and marine flea seller

Being from New York City has spoiled us when it comes to “the world’s greatest flea market” (Hello Brooklyn Flea and RIP Dekalb Market!) and being an Etsy seller who frequently sold at outdoor markets has really tainted my flea going experiences. I am too critical and I expect there to be more than hotdogs sold at any event. Our first flea market visit happened a few weeks ago and it was utterly depressing. Maybe a quarter of all the booths were open and the most exciting thing about the experience is that we got a huge pack of batteries for $5. Who knows if they’ll work. Even the Rope Store we were after had abandoned ship.

When I started hearing mutterings around the marina about this huge and amazing marine flea market at Harbortown Marina, I was skeptical. Skeptic or not, I’m always one for a day of wearing real people clothes instead of my work sweats so I headed into the great unknown armed with a few twenties.

Some of our scores.

For a niche market, this was a great event. There were maybe 50 vendors but everyone was given huge spaces to sell from. No 10×10 booth spaces like in New York. It was more boat equipment and supplies over nautical inspired goods, which was exactly what we were after. We absolutely KILLED it at the flea. A few of our scores include a $200 radar stand for $20 and a new $250 masthead light for $50. This doesn’t include the sweet fishing rod and reel, tracks and the gauge we snagged. My only criticism was there really weren’t any vendors selling galley equipment, teak racks or things of that sort. It was mostly rigging and fishing stuff.

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