Helping Hands


We’re coming off a good weekend for Ms. Chance. We tricked a couple of our friends to come up with promises of seaside views and small town vibes, but used their time refinishing our hull. It’s quite a huge task so we were glad for the extra hands. It’s nice to see some actual progress in the cosmetic appearance of the boat as we’ve Jason’s been spending every waking minute lately prepping for this moment.

Refinishing the hull is a very timely process and requires multiple coats until its complete – 4 coats of InterProtect and a coat of Eco-Clad. And, we’re getting out easy! If we weren’t planning on using the Eco-Clad we’d need an extra few coats. You have to be sure to let each coat dry anywhere from 4 – 12 hours (depending on how cold it is outside) before you layer on another coat so time quickly adds up! We should have both the hull and topsides complete this coming weekend – and then she’ll be “water proof” as my mom puts it.

{Here’s Lance, lightly sanding to make sure she’s extra smooth before the first coat}

{Blake is just shocked at how much work there is to do still.}

{Jason mixes up the InterProtect. Both dogs and I have remnants of this in our hair still}

{First coat is on! She’s starting to look like a real boat and not just a pile of old parts}

{Second coat complete! Only two more coats of barrier coat and topping her off with a layer of Eco-Clad and the hull is finished.}

{Fairing is meticulous work. We spent a few hours fairing just one side.}

{We just ruined our first two coats of barrier paint filling all the nooks and crannies, but she’ll have a much smoother sail now.}

PS. Our scheduled departure date was ONE MONTH from Monday. That’s just a short 31 days and we have so much left to do. I still have an apartment FULL of furniture and a closet full of winter coats and heels to sell off. Anyone in need of anything? I’m sure I have something you could use 🙂

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