A Hole in our Plan



I’m starting to feel that our boat has a not so secret plan to break us down and stomp all over us. Saturday was supposed to be a big day for Chance, and for us. It was Chance’s splash date. No more living in a yard. No more carrying the dogs up and down the later. No more having to walk 10 minutes to use the bathroom.



{We should of known something was up when these carcasses greeted us}


{Watching Chance hit the water for the first time in TEN YEARS!}

But, as should of been expected, Chance had a different plan for us. Saturday afternoon we headed to the water to splash down. Full of anticipation and scared shitless we watched Chance make her way towards the splash zone. It was go time. The crew lowered Chance down just enough to let Jason and I on and then dropped us into the water. We immediately began checking leaks. Jason took the aft part of the boat while I checked the forward.

“All three seacocks in the head are good! No leaks there.”
“Are you sure, there is a lot of water streaming down the bilge”
“Dry as can be. Let me check the centerboard…”


The good news was that we found the source of the problem. The bad news was that we had a 1/4″  hole pouring water into our boat. I have to say it is quite surprising how much water such a small hole can let in. I also have to say that even with only one bilge pump running we were able to keep the leak at bay. Good bilge pump or not, this wasn’t going to be an in the water fix.


{Jason reglassing the centerboard. There won’t be anymore water getting through there!}

Before we headed back to the yard we wanted to give the engine a start in the salt water. We had started the engine about 10 times not even 10 minutes before we splashed down but the damn thing wouldn’t start once we got in the water! Nothing we tried worked. Turns out one of the floats were stuck (whatever that means). Nothing like kicking us when we were already down!

We also had one seacock that had a small leak at the elbow that just needs a little tightening and then we’ll be good to go there.

Instead of getting immediately back to the grind we spent the rest of the night drinking away our tears and then spent all day Sunday catching up on sleep. Jason was in serious need not having slept for the previous three days. Seriously, that kid is crazy. Now that we were well rested we tackled our to-do list with a clear head and hope not spend too much more time in this stupid yard.

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  1. Oh darling…that stinks! But everything happens for a reason..just believe it. Your chance..and Chance’s moment to shine will reign down upon you in a way that will make all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears totally worth it! Congratulations on your SPLASH. Though it wasn’t a 100% success..you’re almost there!!! 🙂