Homemade Laundry Soap



As a cruiser you become very aware of the products you use and their impact on, well, everything. From how much each use costs, to where you will store it, to what ingredients are in it, you start paying more attention to the details. Inspired by Behan’s post on Sailing Totem about making her own lotion aboard (which I have tried, but haven’t quite perfected just yet), I knew I wanted to try making some of the things we use aboard our boat the most. When I came across this recipe for Mom’s Super Laundry Sauce on Pinterest (follow me!), I knew that I wanted try it. homemade_laundry_detergent The recipe was quite simple to make as it uses only 3 ingredients – washing soda (NOT baking soda), borax and a bar of Fels Naptha. It is super concentrated and lasts quite a while. After a few weeks of using this soap I am quite pleased with its cleaning powers. It seems to be really good at getting out the dirt and grime. I do find that it doesn’t dissolve that well (particularly in cold water) so I have un-concentrated it a bit. To do this I did a 1 part concentrate to 1 part hot water mix and just shook it together. Works much better for cold and hand washing this way. I just double the recommended amount per load (2 TBSP as opposed to 1TBSP). I also used a hand mixer as I didn’t have a blender and it worked just fine. This WILL NOT work with hand mixing. You really need the power behind either a blender or hand mixer. I think the next time I make a batch I’ll try adding a few drops of essential oils for a little oomph. The site says it costs $1.76 per batch, but I am pretty sure my bar of Fels Naptha cost more than that. Either way, the overall cost is very low.

I really enjoy making the things that we use. I like knowing exactly goes into the products and eliminating as many fillers and chemicals as we can. What do you make on board? I need new things to try!

laundry_soap_DIY{Waiting for the ingredients to separate before I blend them all together}

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