Hurricane anyone?


If living 22 years in Florida teaches you anything, it is how to live through a hurricane. When I moved to NY I expected the blizzards that dumped piles of snow on us, but little did I know that I’d deal with multiple hurricanes and tornados during my years here. When I first heard of this frankenstorm I figured that Jason would blow it off as just a little wind and I’d have to beg him to come back to Brooklyn with me to ride it out. But, since he’d been closely monitoring NOAA all week long, he quickly agreed.¬†

We carefully planned our departure of this epic journey around hurricane season so that we wouldn’t have to worry about any truly terrible weather as we sail. Little did we know that we’d have to prep Chance for her first hurricane (under our watch) before she even hit water. Before the weather got too terrible on Sunday, we spent FIVE hours bringing everything back into the boat, taping any exposed holes and securing her for the predicted 11 foot storm surges the marina was expecting. Just before the marina was evacuated we made our way back to Brooklyn hoping that she’ll be OK. We’ve been carefully watching the news all day to see if Chance will float away without us on it.

{I snapped this picture Saturday morning before the winds kicked up. By noon on Sunday the poor tree barely had any leaves left!}

{One of the things I’ve liked most about working on the boat is watching the leaves turn. Pretty sure fall will officially be over after all this wind and rain.}


The storm did bring with it two little rays of sunshine: work being canceled for me (all trains, planes and automobiles are canceled until further notice) and Jason actually being in the same apartment as me! You really have to find the positive in every situation. So, we’ve spent this unexpected time together downing Modelos and working on some boat projects.

I’ve been spending the afternoon in my pjs working on our new dodger. I’m just waiting for my window material to arrive and then it will¬†finally be finished! I’m pretty excited at how well its turned out so far. Here I’m attaching a 60″ inch zipper that the back part of the frame will attach to. The dogs didn’t trust I’d do it correctly so are watching my every move.

Riley clearly needs to have his paws in every project because here he’s helping Jason clean our winches. Now this is no easy project (not that any project on this boat has been easy) as these winches haven’t been cleaned and greased since 1974. All I have to say is that I am glad he’s handling that project. Also, it has to be said that those little buggers are HEAVY. Carrying them from the apartment to the car, to the boat, back to the car, and into the apartment nearly killed me.

Hoping everyone is surviving Sandy safely and keeping themselves occupied!

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