A Hurricane Plan



For those cruising the Caribbean hurricane season is always a big topic of concern. Hurricanes can be quite dangerous on land, but stick yourself in a boat and everything can get a bit more intense. Jason and I had always planned on heading out just as soon as we were ready and it didn’t matter if it was technically hurricane season or not. We’d just travel from hurricane hole to hurricane hole, making sure we had good enough weather to get there. One step at a time. Then we looked at the calendar and it was almost September. September and October are statistically the worst hurricane months and have historically produced some pretty nasty storms. So we’ve decided we’re going to wait those months out. As much as we both want to get out of Florida and on with this new part of our journey, we’d much rather be safe so that we can enjoy our trip. This way we’ll also get to see a lot of the places we were going to have to cut out since we’d have to get below the hurricane box as quickly as possible – Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, The Caymans, etc. Who knew being delayed¬†almost an entire year¬†(!) would have it’s benefits?

We’ve learned just how easy it can be to just keep pushing your departure back and push it back and push it back. So this time we’ve set a date. No matter what little projects are yet to be done, we still go. All the big and important things are done so who cares if our trim isn’t all up or the head isn’t sporting a fresh coat of paint – we’re leaving. We’ll be throwing off the dock lines come November 1st – give or take a weather window.

I know a lot of you are thinking, “how the heck are they affording this?” As much as I wish that we were trust fund babies like some of the people we met assumed (we’re just too young for any other option), that is not the case. We worked really hard when we lived in NYC and saved up so we could do this trip. BUT, this delay has seriously eaten in to our savings and now we’ve been picking up little jobs around the marinas to stop the bleeding. Jason has been busy working on boats fixing electric, gel coating, painting, woodworking, building furniture and pretty much doing anything someone needs help with. I’ve been sewing non stop. So far I’ve made winch covers, reupholstered cushions, done sail repairs, made a bimini and have two projects lined up! This doesn’t even include the mile long list of things we still have to do for our boat.

So when anyone tells us they are concerned with us leaving during hurricane season we just tell them to “hire us so we can afford to stay.” It has worked maybe twice, but it is always worth the shot. Moral of the story is, if you are in the area and need help with your boat or canvas/sail work done get in touch!

PS. I got word that my rained on computer can be fixed! Apparently everything on the inside was fine and only the case was damaged. As soon as I get it back I’ll be posting more regularly. Now I have to sneak on Jason’s computer when he’s sleeping (shhhh!).

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