Hypervent – Keeping Mildew OUT


Boat living isn’t all crystal clear water and sunshine (hell, it hasn’t been that at all yet!). Sometimes we have to deal with unpleasant situations – like doing everything you can to prevent mold and mildew from growing under your cushions. On a boat you can’t just buy a mattress and box spring and call it a night. On a boat you sleep on your cushions which happen to be butted directly up against a giant piece of plywood creating a perfect environment for mold and mildew spores to develop. Reading the forums may have gave me a little anxiety about the health effects of mold and mildew growth, but I didn’t want to chance it. I immediately was on the hunt for a solution to add space for air to circulate under the cushions and moisture build up to effectively dry out on a regular basis. Not just when I remembered to prop up the cushions.

It was down to a DIY solution of using rubber work mats and this white squiggly “fabric” called Hypervent. While I’m all about DIYing it when I can, when I broke it down to the price of my needed square footage the DIY solution was only about $10 cheaper. It may be that my local Home Depot was out of the mats when I checked but I sprung for the gourmet mold/mildew prevention option and ordered the Hypervent.

Ignore my fat hand and focus on the white squiggly stuff. I think my camera decided to add 10 lbs to my hand alone since it was the only part of me in the picture!

Hypervent comes in a big roll that you cut to size. The roll was so big that the lady at the marina questioned whether I could carry a box that big and then exclaimed “You are so strong!” when I effortlessly hoisted it over my shoulder. I may have weighed 5 lbs total. I ordered enough to put under the vberth, starboard settee and our navigation station seat. We’re rebuilding our bed with slats so it will get proper ventilation. This stuff is pretty easily cut to whatever shape you need. Just make sure you wear pants and gloves while cutting. This stuff is sharp and is really unpleasant to kneel or lean on while cutting.

Dewey wanted to help me cut out our v berth material. It was so much easier to take the panels out of the boat and cut it to size.
Installed and ready for cushions!

Let’s hope this investment pays off as all my research has given me a mold/mildew phobia. Next up, buying Clorox┬áin bulk (only kidding.)

Note: Since writing this post I’ve learned that the plastic side goes face down and the fabric side is what touches your cushions. Face. Palm.


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