Iced Over

New York City waters are iced over during 2018's bomb cyclone.
We have a pretty bomb view of the skyline from our winter slip – it is even more insane when that Statue Cruises boat isn’t docked on the fuel dock.

Today is the first day it has been above freezing in weeks. Record lows have swept the country and for the first time we’ve had to deal with icebergs (who cares if they were small, an iceberg is an iceberg!) floating by our boat. This past Sunday we witnessed the entire canal freeze over, and for a very short moment, the Hudson River. The ice was so solid that Jason was even able to walk on portions of it and our dock neighbor broke three hammers while trying to break his frozen in shore power cord free. Days of subzero temperatures have finally passed. While we really hope that was the worst of it (please, God, let it be the last of it), we did take a moment to appreciate the beauty of such a rare occurrence at our marina.

Kayaking through frozen NYC waterways during 2018's bomb cyclone
Jason got his Mavic (affiliate link) out while our dock neighbor Guillermo decided to try some ice kayaking. It’s about as fun as it looks.
Morris Canal freezes over in NYC
The ice of Morris Canal got pretty thick along the docks.

Now this kind of winter wonderland doesn’t come without its challenges and dangers. Filling your water tanks is near impossible as the minute the water touches the air it seems to freeze. Ice accumulates on the docks creating an insanely slippery surface (ask me how I know?). The dogs don’t even want to step a paw outside for fear of salt on their paws or just how cold it is. Heaters stop working efficiently. The marina’s bubbler system broke at the most inopportune time. High winds of the “bomb cyclone” broke a rusting pilling on our dock. Our dock neighbors dog tried to walk on the ice and nearly got trapped under our boat when the ice broke. Thank goodness for our friend Bjoern saw him fall in and ran from the next dock over to save him.

Today the sun is out and its a balmy 44 degrees out – literally 45 degrees warmer than when most of these pictures were taken. HEAT WAAAVE!

Water freezes at Liberty Landing Marina during bomb cyclone
Look how uneven the floating docks became due to the ice


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