Sprucing Up the Interior Boat Fabric

So many swatches!

Picking a new interior boat fabric can be hard on a relationship and it can cause a LOT of arguments. One minute you’re full of “I love yous,” and the next you’re having a screaming match. “There is no way I will ever put white fabric in this boat with you and two dogs!” “We are not getting that fabric – it has no texture!” “Ew, that looks like pixelated barf!” So on, and so on. Everything that was an important quality for me in a fabric was the complete opposite of what Jason had in mind. Every fabric that I loved, Jason hated. Every fabric Jason loved, I hated. This process has been going on for an agonizing four months.

After a recent disappointing swatch order where we actually found one we both were happy with only to try and order it and find out the manufacturer discontinued it, Jason challenged me. The deal: We each order 10 swatches of fabric online and we have to pick one – no matter what. I was game (mostly because I was sick of this process) and determined to win. I may have cheated and ordered 15, but there was no way I was letting Jason have the satisfaction of saying he picked out our fabric.

Our top 3 fabric choices. All ordered by me and from Fabric Guru, a great site for discount upholstery and outdoor fabrics.

When the swatches came we picked our top 3 and brought them upstairs to see how they complimented the teak and maple we had inside. Folks, there has been a miracle aboard Chance. We agreed on a fabric and are currently anxiously awaiting its arrival tomorrow! I can’t wait to get this boat in the water and update our cushions (because there is no way I am putting beautiful new fabric in this boat while we’re on the hard in a dirt filled yard).

The winning swatch! A Sunbrella fabric in “Sky” – such a score! The fabric is a little less blue in person, and the dots are pretty much the same color as the maple.

We’re back to only yelling “I love yous” at each other again.

Tip for if you ever decide to order fabric online – ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS order fabric swatches. What you think may look like the perfect sage color on your computer screen is almost guaranteed to look like pea colored vomit in person.

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    • Hey Laurie –

      Unfortunately the project has only gotten as far as picking out the fabric! We’re on the hard now (but only for a couple more days) and it is just a dirt filled existence where I refuse to work with our pretty new fabric and certainly not live with it. Once we are in the water again I’ll start the project. I’ll check out your post for tips 🙂