A Visit From The Interlux Man



It all started with a little unanswered phone call around 4:30pm on Friday afternoon just after we discovered we’d have a perfect painting window this weekend and our paint wasn’t scheduled to arrive until Monday. You see, Jason and I decided to paint our topsides a color called “Flag Blue” which happens to be a navy color and nearly impossible for even professionals to apply perfectly (smooth and shiny). The fact this is our first paint job ever did not deter us – we wanted a navy boat. So, unsurprisingly, after the first two coats we were still having a little trouble getting a smooth application. Jason called up the Interlux tech support to see if they had any tips we may be able to use and see if anyone locally actually had a quart in stock that we could get to use this weekend. Seems Interlux tech support (who knows Jason by voice) was sick of dealing with us had told us everything they could and quickly passed us on to the local rep for further help.

“Hi Mark, this is Jason. I am painting my 1974 34′ Seafarer with Flag Blue and we’re having a bit of trouble getting her not to blush. Was hoping you may have a few tips for us of what you’ve found to work locally. Also, wondering if you know anyone locally around Port Canaveral that stocks it so we can grab a quart and paint this weekend. Cheers.”


Three hours later (at 7:30 pm on a Friday) Mark makes a delivery of Flag Blue paint and Interlux koozies, and personally inspects our boat giving us tips for how to get it to look a good as possible. We were blown away with the level of customer service that Interlux provided. We called so close to closing time it would have been easy, acceptable even, to just blow us off and deal with us next week, but Mark came to the rescue not only calling us back but hand delivering the paint we needed to finish the job. His level of support allowed us to complete our topsides and make it look great. We couldn’t be more thankful. Interlux, if you are listening, Mark needs a raise. He was amazing.

Here’s hoping that this chance of rain tonight (that was not there this morning, we checked) doesn’t come to life and ruin our perfect (five-foot) job. Jason WILL cry.

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