Labor Day Weekend Fun



Back when we had real world jobs Labor Day weekend was always full of mixed emotions – Yeah, its a long weekend! / Boo, its the end of Summer. Now that we are unemployed/self employed and living in the near tropics it really just meant that we had more people around with us all weekend – which was awesome.

Saturday my mom came over for a beach day. It has been so hot here that we took our beach chairs and plopped them in the water, hardly moving the whole time we were there. Once it got too hot we headed to Papa Vito’s and got slices that were literally bigger than our heads. Once my mom headed home I headed into our fancy air conditioned boat and took a nice long nap. The day was perfect.

This weekend also marked the Port Canaveral Yacht Club’s monthly Sunday Funday! The day’s activities included a fun little race, then beers and a nice big potluck. Sailing, beers and food – what more could you ask for in a Sunday (besides the banana pancakes I made us for breakfast)? This month we had five boats competing for the coveted bar tab prize which meant there were a lot of people out for the day. We crewed on Quiksail – last month’s winner. I was a little nervous beforehand as Jason and I are more laid back sailors and these guys taking racing very seriously. In the end it was a great day out. Jason was tasked with manning the jib sheets and spinnaker sheets while I had the very important task of crawling from side to side of the boat when we tacked. I also held the boom in place when the spinnaker was out. Clearly I won the most important crew member award.


{Mike, Dave, Jason and Bob keeping weight on the starboard side of the boat}


{Mike and Dave getting the spinnaker hooked up}

 In the end we came in second place by about 40 seconds. I kid you not, the race was that close. The winning boat was our friends on Sneaker – a Tartan 10 – proving that mass amounts of rum may just make you a better sailor. (Remember when they took us out and taught me how to steer a tiller?) Even though we were on Quiksail we were quietly rooting for Sneaker the whole timeWho doesn’t like it when the underdog wins?


{Our friend Wright’s gorgeous boat – a 48′ Bristol}


{Our boat for the day – a C&C 115}


{Sneaker up ahead of us. Get it Girl!}

Once the sailing was done everyone gathered around the tiki bar sharing stories, beers and potluck dishes. The rest of the night was spent meeting new friends, laughing and having a great time. It was a perfect Labor Day Weekend. Now it is time to get back to work (on our boat of course, not in a stuffy office).

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