Life at Anchor

Who’s the prettiest boat in the anchorage? The answer is that tiny blue boat three right from the dock 😉

I may be a bit quiet over here on the blog, but rest assured, we have certainly been busy. Adjusting to life at anchor has had its challenges but honestly the hardest part is just accepting how long it takes to do anything. A normal task that may take you 15 minutes on land seems to take at least an hour here on Chance. If I want to do a load of laundry I first have to make sure I have enough water in our jerry cans. If not I have to take the dinghy to shore, fill it up, lug the 40lb+ jerry back to the dinghy (or look so helpless someone offers to help me carry it back to the dock, which does happen). Then I fill my 5 gallon bucket with what equals about 1/2 the amount of a normal load, let it soak, etc. etc. See, a lot more effort than just throwing a load in the washer.

The squirrels in Cocoa Village are ballsy. They have no fear! This standoff lasted about 5 minutes.
Dewey’s favorite new perch. She loves watching what is going on.

Other than that I’ve been spending my days taking Riley for runs along the river, walking the dogs through the adorable Cocoa Village and making our new dodger. The first one I made was literally the first sewing project I made for the boat. I used the old dodger that was falling apart for a template and never fit the dodger to the boat before I started. Why I thought that was a good idea I have no idea. As could be expected, it didn’t fit right. It also was incredibly low to the cabin top. So low in fact that we couldn’t even spin our winch handles all the way around. So, Jason and I raised the frame and I templated out a new design. I’m just about done with it. After that I make the piece that connects our arch to the dodger and we’ll have a perfectly shaded cockpit! YEAH!

When you through bolt things in the cockpit it usually means that you have to get in the lazarettes to access the underside. This means all the stuff we shoved in there has to come out!

While I’ve been busy sewing Jason has been working on through-bolting our arch, rerunning a new longer propane hose and installing our first wind generator. It has been working out well because I have taken over the inside of the boat and he has claimed the cockpit as our respective work stations. Sharing a 34’ boat sure doesn’t give you a lot of room when you are working with 10 ft poles to mount the wind gen and 10 ft wide pieces of fabric.

Just a few shots of a rocket launch from the other day, as viewed from our cockpit.



We’ve also both started reading again and boy does it feel good! We’ve been working so hard that we really just didn’t give ourselves the time. That all work and no play crap is for the birds though and we’re tired of it. We have an ebook library of over 16,000(!) books, but it is so hard to sort through what I want to read when you can’t read the back of the book. Does anyone have any good recommendations of books that are at least a few years old? We need inspiration!

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  1. Kelly,

    So glad to hear you all are doing well in Cocoa Village. Will & I loved being on the anchor there! But you are so right about everything just takes longer and more effort! Will & I are on the hook at No Name Harbor in Key Biscayne tonight!

    BTW…How do you have 16K of ebooks? Is it legal and can I get access to them too?

    All the issues you’ve been having makes me think of something Gil Perry told me when we first put our boat at PCYC. He says there are boat gremlins on the docks and they jump from boat to boat. So here’s hoping you get all the gremlins chased off your boat soon!

    • Hey Renee –

      We hope to get all the gremlins off as soon as possible! Despite the gremlins we are loving being on the hook so much more than at a dock. So much more peaceful! For the books, cruisers share, and we’ve accumulated a huge library of digital books and movies to keep us entertained. I’m sure you’ll run into people cruising that have their own that would be willing to share! If you were around these parts I’d be happy to share with you as well. Fair winds!

  2. Great post! I am a little concerned about the transition to life afloat for us come January. I’ll have to pick your brain one day about the ebooks as well since I have a new kindle on my christmas wishlist. Looks like the 4 of you are doing great! Hope to see you in the Bahamas one day. -Kim