Look Who Finally Got Around to Recovering Our Cushions!

Couch by day, bed by night.. It pulls out similar to a futon would and opens to a full size bed big enough to comfortably sleep my 6’3″ man.

Remember way back when Jason and I finally agreed on new fabric to recover our interior cushions? Man that was a long time ago. I mean, we were still on the hard! Well, I finally got around to recovering them. Sadly the inspiration to finally get them done was simply to clear out our garage, I mean v-berth, of all the accumulated stuff. Whatever. They are recovered now and look freaking great!

A crappy closeup of the fabric. I wanted you to be able to see the texture.

We went with an outdoor fabric that I bought off of FabricGuru.com for a ridiculously low price of about $12 a yard. It is an even better deal when the “name brand” outdoor fabric turns out to be Sunbrella that I saw on other sites for $40 a yard. SCORE. The fabric is a light blue with beige/white specks in it that seems to match our maple perfectly. I wanted to make our cushions as comfortable as possible so I covered each piece of foam in two wraps of batting. These suckers are super comfy now!

Our bed/couch originally had two full length cushions – one fore the seat and one fore the back that when pulled out in bed form make a full size bed. This worked awesome as a bed, but trying to access the hatches underneath was kind of pain when it was in couch form. An easy fix was to cut each big cushion into 3 smaller ones. This way, if I need to get to the middle hatch I only have to pull up that cushion, not move everything just to get a book I stored down there. We’ve wanted to do this for a while so it has been nice to have it finally done.


I kept our small settee cushion in one piece since we only have one hatch under it. I had previously made a cushion for a nav station seat so now all the cushions in the main cabin are recovered! It really makes a huge difference. I still have to tackle the v-berth but that is a project for another day, you know when it is actually a sleeping space again.


I also recovered our throw pillows. I’m pretty pumped about the $5 a yard upholstery fabric I snagged at Hancock Fabrics, but I am even more pumped about my shear cleverness. Turns out our “Captain” tote bag was the perfect size to be turned into a pillow cover. All I did was nip in the sides and add a zipper to the top and viola! A sailboat appropriate pillow!

The only sad part about our new cushions is that we are so afraid of spilling on them or the dogs tracking dirt on them that we keep them covered in blankets 90% of the time so we don’t really even get to see them much. Even though blankets are much easier to wash, I kind of want to see all my hard work. Does Scotch Guard really work?

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  1. Love the new fabric!!! And the captain pillow. Ours could stand to be recovered, but that’s definitely not happening anytime soon. -Kim