Lovely Little Hope Town



The lovely little Hope Town has most definitely stolen our hearts. Situated on the north portion of Elbow Cay in the Abacos, Hope Town is one of the cutest places I’ve ever seen. When you enter the harbor you are greeted with about 50 boats neatly tucked into the mooring field leaving each boat only about 5 feet from the other. Talk about getting to know your neighbors! The Hope Town Sailing Club has their own dinghy dock that most people seem to tie up to – so we did as well. When you get on to land you are welcomed with the most adorable houses. The style is very quaint New England and the gardens are certainly lush with colorful flowers. And, everything is painted in bright colors! Jason even made me promise him that someday we’d build ourselves a pretty pink house! The town has all the necessities – groceries, hardware, booze – and even some really cute additions – restaurants, coffee shop, gift shops and even a lighthouse. Jason and I quickly became fans of Sip Sip Wine Down which makes a pretty good pizza and hosts a killer $2.50 Heineken Happy Hour on Wednesdays from 5 – 7. On Fridays it seems to be the happening place on the island where all the cruisers congregate. The town also has the Hope Town Coffee House where they roast their own (really good) coffee. The coffee shop was super cute and on the bottom floor of a really nice house. The outdoor patio was perfect when we had the dogs on us and wanted to sit and catch up on emails for a bit.


{One of the adorable houses in town}


{Accoutrements from Sip Sip}


{Chance looking lonesome anchored out by Eagle Rock. Great anchorage!}


{The most unfriendly thing about Hope Town}

Hope_Town_lighthouse Hope_Town_fence

{I mean, they have fences with hearts carved into them!}


{Jason teaching our new friend Lucy how to fish on a pink Barbie rod. They caught two fish!}

On the back side of the island is a pretty phenomenal beach that in certain areas was even tinged pink! I have no idea if we’ll make it to the real pink sand beaches in Eleuthera so I was really happy I got to see this. And, as always, the dogs absolutely loved running around and rolling in the sand. Watching them have so much fun may be one of my favorite things about this trip. We also had some good luck diving just north of the island near Johnny’s Cays. There seem to be two isolated rocks/reefs that host a pretty intense tropical landscape. We even saw a pretty big Nassau grouper but sadly it was two days before we were allowed to hunt them!

Hope_Town_Bahamas_Sunset Hope_Town_Signs Hope_Town_Fire_Rescue Hope_Town_Bahamas-Beach

It was nice to spend a few days in this thriving little town before we headed back to more isolated cays. If you are in the Abacos definitely give Hope Town a visit. As a bonus, most of the Abacos Cruiser Net anchors are based here so it’s fun when you run into them in real life.

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  1. Looks like paradise! Love that first picture … such a cute house. Looks like something in Disney World!

  2. Thank y’all so much for featuring wonderful but slightly lesser known spots in the Bahamas! To so many folks in the States, the Bahamas are simply Nassau. Y’all are helping to spread the good word about the alternatives!