Mama’s Got a Brand New Oven (well, working at least)


{Jason pulling out freshly baked brownies}

This past week was my 30th birthday. I’ve never been one for huge birthday celebrations and leaving my 20’s behind was no exception. Perhaps it was the fact that I was hoping to ring in a new decade in Caribbean waters, but I just couldn’t get excited by the fact that we were still in Florida. Hell, I was supposed to ring in 29 in the Caribbean as well! But, as the saying goes, Sh*t Happens.

The day was kind of all over the place as we were running errands and driving the dogs up to our vet in Cocoa to pick up our health certificates. Once we finally got back and settled our new friends Ellie and Dale invited us over for some of the most delicious lasagna to celebrate. Talk about a welcome to the neighborhood. When we first pulled in to Vero Jason immediately recognized their boat and Dale from his Morgan Yachts group on Facebook and it turns out Ellie is in my Women Who Sail group on Facebook. The cruising world is so small. Man I love the internet!

Anyway, back to me getting old. Since we’re on such a tight budget all I asked Jason for was to finally fix my oven. There was a small propane leak in some of the tubing so I’ve had to stick solely to stovetop preparations. It was a relatively easy fix, but it just kept getting pushed to the back of the list since it wasn’t something that had to be done before we cross. If you can’t be frivolous on your 30th birthday, then when can you be, eh? It was time to get that bad boy working again!

Jason spent the entire day tracking down the right replacement parts and got it up and running. Turns out the thing cooks pretty evenly (we had already made a rack that raises the cooking surface up about 3 inches from the heat source) and also doubles as an excellent heater when the nights dip into the 30s. Now the hard part is reminding myself of my favorite baking recipes. I am 90% sure it will involve a cream cheese frosting of some kind. Yum!


{Some of the easiest and most delicious bread I’ve ever made – Beer Bread!}


  1. Happy birthday! Were those ‘magic’ brownies? =)
    And for being in the Caribbean, you know what they say. It’s the journey, not the destination.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Wow, wish I were having my 30th again, sigh.

    Carribbean?? – “all things in good time.” 🙂

    My Dad’s best advice, “When in doubt, don’t.”

  3. Happy Belated Birthday sweetie!!! Good for Jason to fix your oven. Everything looks yummie!! Thirty huh? You look 18….Good genes…Thank your Mom…xoxo