Marina Dogs


{Dewey and Riley curled up in the backseat as we drive up to Mystic}

While Jason and I work on the boat, the pups spend their days playing and generally getting into trouble. Our boat is kept in what the marina calls the “Graveyard” (mostly abandoned boats) so that we can work and not really disturb too many people. The problem is that the graveyard backs up to a giant ditch¬†separating¬†us from the train tracks that is filled with sticks, brush and murky water. Needless to say the pups spend the majority of their time in the ditch or trying to get back down in the ditch without me seeing. Dewey and Riley are quite adventurous and are always coming back up with sticks and such. Last weekend Riley came up the ditch with a cat skull in his head – a cat skull! And, he’s usually a chicken bone kind of dog…

Even with all that I love giving them a chance to run around for hours on end. I never see them as happy and exhausted at days end than when they are spending their days in the sunshine.

{Dewey may be small but she doesn’t take Riley’s crap!}

{Just chillaxin on some boat cushions and chewing some sticks}

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  1. My husband and I are moving aboard again, and I look forward to watching my dog explore the marina and boat yard again. He didn’t get into trouble before but he always had a good time. Thanks for your postings!