My Office

My office. Sewing machine and stadium seat courtesy of 2004.

My how times do change. Not even 2 1/2 months ago I was staring into a computer screen 9 hours a day in a big office building in the middle of Times Square, New York City. Today, I sit hunched over a beast of a sewing machine in my mom’s driveway basking in the Florida sunshine. NY Kelley would jump onto the subway after work with a case of eye strain and sore feet from the heels (oh, the heels!) she’d wear on a daily basis. Sailing Kelley ends her day with a sore back and tanned skin. Now that I’m my own boss I find that I’m much harder on myself with my working hours. Every waking hour is spent doing something for the boat or feeling guilty that I’m not doing something for the boat. Each hour wasted is an hour I’m not sailing off into the sunset. That thought alone keeps me motivated!

Trying to keep the sail protected from gravel and dirt by laying it on old sheets on the driveway

Today during one of my working hours I finished converting our hank on jib into a roller furling jib with a beautiful sun cover! It was hard work (managing all that fabric can be incredibly challenging), but it was so satisfying to see it finished. This sail required the most work of all our sail repairs as I had to add a sun cover, add a few patches to almost tears/holes and convert it to a roller furling sail. The main will be a piece of cake after this bad boy as I only have to do a few patch jobs. After the main I have to convert the storm sail into a Gale Sail which I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to do. Anyone out there in the interwebs have experience doing it? And yes, I know I can send it to them for $22 a luff foot. Not interested in that route – no thank you.

This beast is even partially folded in this picture! So much material to manage.
Completed jib. Can’t wait to see this baby blowing in the wind.

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