New York To-Do List


I’ve lived in New York City for over six years now, but there is still many cool things I’ve never done. With only 85 days left until our departure (!) I figured I needed to put together a list of all my “to-dos” and “to-sees” so that nothing gets left out. I was able to cross some things off my list this summer, but here is what I still have to do.

  1. Eat at Rockaway Taco
  2. Go to the Highline
  3. Eat at Katz Deli
  4. Rent a row boat in Central Park and have a romantic date with J
  5. Photograph the sunrise Brooklyn Promenade
  6. Visit the Montauk Lighthouse
  7. Eat Korean BBQ
  8. Walk across Manhattan Bridge for photos
  9. Take my BFF Holly to Lucali and finish with a visit to the Farmacy
  10. One last hurray at Fragole and Buttermilk Channel
  11. Visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens – my favorite place in New York – during the Fall. It’s stunning.

What other little treasures should I make sure to do?

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