No Glass on a Boat



Everything I had read said, “No Glass on a Boat.” You just don’t do it. You’re heeling and a glass falls off the counter and you end up bleeding. I didn’t figure that applied while I was on the hard! Turns out it does. One of my pot lids decided to end it’s life yesterday morning. It was a sad day indeed. I guess it was better to happen now as opposed to when we were heeling 45 degrees. But, where the heck do I get a replacement lid?

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  1. Awe just buy another glass lid. It was a freak of nature. I’ve dropped my glass lids many times. Or you can get a metal one. I have a technique I use the the galley when I’m sailing. I put rubber mats everywhere so when I have to set something down, it sticks. Dirty lids, I toss in the sink.