Our Little Engine that Could


We have now been on the hard exactly a week and a half since our first attempt to get in the water and finally made some progress with our engine! By progress I of course mean got that sucker started. We had tried everything that we could possibly think of and still nothing. It would turn over, but not catch. We had to bring in the big guns – Mr. Jimmy Dean (no, not of the sausage variety). Jimmy is the engine guy around here and he knows his shit. This guy rebuilds engine parts for race cars! If the pros trust him, he’s good enough in my book!

{The Engine Master himself}

Anyhow, he came over last night and it took him about 3 minutes to figure out what was wrong. It was our carburetor. Apparently it was pretty nasty inside which didn’t allow the fuel to get to the engine – kind of a big problem. He cleaned it out, hooked it back up, and turned on the engine. WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!


{Dirty, nasty gunk from the carburetor}


{Putting it all back together again}

We were still getting a little kickback, so he took the carburetor to his shop to clean it up with the machines and get it working like new. Moral of the story, our engine runs, our carburetor will be back tonight, and we’ll be (fingers crossed) in the water tomorrow (AHH!)!

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  1. I am fowling your blogs, doing a great job upgrading Chance.
    You made a comment about preferring a gas engine vs diisel,
    Please comment.
    Thanks George.