On Plans



They say that a cruiser’s plan is written in sand at low tide, forever changing with the tides. As someone who comes from a very calendar dependent past life, I once thought this saying was just that, a saying. I mean, how hard could it be to make plans and stick to them? Apparently, it is incredibly difficult. Over the last year and a half our plans have changed realistically over a hundred times. It all started back when that b*tch Sandy came to town and we had to have our boat trucked down to Florida instead of sailed so we could finish getting her ready for our adventure (I mean, I suppose we were lucky we even still had a boat after Sandy so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much). Then our trucker decided not to pick up our boat and we were stuck in Florida for a month without her. Once we finally did get Chance down to Florida, one project would guarantee we’d find something else that had to be addressed and our forecasted 3 weeks getting her ready to sail quickly turned into a year long project. This is an incredibly condensed version of events, but you get the idea. So, instead of spending all our hard earned savings on traveling the Caribbean and Central America, the majority went to fixing up the boat. Not exactly the idea of “living the dream” I had in mind. Isn’t this life supposed to be all rum drinks and sunsets?

After much debate the crew of Chance will be heading back to NYC for hurricane season and to build the cruising fund back up. Lucky for me, my little workcation turned into a full time gig. The best part is it is a gig I’m really pumped about. I’ll be able to get Jason as far as Florida before I have to head back to the real world, so Jason will be sailing Chance back up to NYC from Florida solo with the dogs. If you have some free time and are looking to get out on the water, Jason would love some company for a leg of the journey. Just send us an email and we can figure things out!

Once we get back up to NYC we’re going to do something incredibly crazy and actually live on our boat while working in NYC. Sailing and living on a boat are generally foreign concepts to city folk so this should prove to be an interesting Happy Hour topic. While I’m still struggling on the best way to store heels aboard, I’m really excited by this new challenge. We’ll be sailing Chance as much as we can, and even hope to meet up with some cruising friends we’ve met along the way that live nearby. Now, who wants to come for a sail?


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  1. Not a bad backup plan! We love Manhattan, and it’s actually our own backup plan if for any reason we can’t cross the Atlantic in a few weeks. Could you imagine the kind of girls nights out we could have between you, me, and Tasha?

    • That would be amazing! A slight part of me hopes that you end up in NYC, but for your benefit I hope you make it across! Even a slight chance has me excited 🙂

  2. So great that your plan is coming together – even if not in it’s original format. Enjoy Manhattan – there are a million other places you could be that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. Looking forward to reading about how life aboard in NYC pans out.

  3. I so can relate with you on evolving plans! Sounds like you’ve got a sweet little opportunity presented to you! Hey, if you pass our way make sure to give us a shout! We’d love to see you guys on your way north. Hope a few crew volunteers sign up.

    Deborah SV Wrightaway