Playing Tourist in NYC


NYC_Skyline_jerseycityWell we had our first non-boating guests stay aboard recently. Given they didn’t run screaming from the boat over the fact they couldn’t flush their toilet paper, I’d say it was a success. My college roommates Mary and Lauren left their babies in the hands of their husbands and came up to NYC for a girls weekend. They both have been to the city before, but we still managed to fit some new things in the mix. Hell, I even did a lot for the first time and I moved to NYC in 2006!


The enormity of this memorial really doesn’t come through in this picture, but all those tiny dots in the background are people!

wall_street_nycWe started our adventure by making a stop at the new World Trade Center Memorial. I walk by this area every single day to get to work, but had never actually made my way to the memorial. It truly is overwhelming. From the massive amount of people to the endless amount of emotion pouring from the fountains, this memorial is powerful.

When we were done there, we walked across town to Wall Street as it was so close by. Somehow after that Mary convinced us to go to Chinatown to scope out the faux leather goods. I purposely haven’t been to Chinatown in years (I even despise driving through it!) and this charade reminded me exactly why. Every five feet some sketchy man or umbrella toting Asian lady thrusts a beat up print out of their goods in your face while shouting obscenities such as “Prada!,” “Gucci!,” and “Louis Vuitton!” Should you want to actually see the goods in person they weave you through the walls of tourists to a random street corner and tell you to wait as they go get it out of the trunk of some car parked down the street. No thank you, I’ll take a sample sale over that nonsense any day!

A really cool thing to do in NYC for both tourists and locals is Chelsea Market. This place is a foodie’s dream. There are endless options for food and fun in the indoor market. After running up and down the streets of Chinatown, we were exhausted and opted to eat at Giovani Rana Pastificio & Cucina where we could sit down and be served (A lot of the food served in Chelsea Market is from stalls and first come, first served seating). We decided we would go on a pasta journey. What’s a pasta journey you ask? It is only the most amazing journey full of carbs and cheese that one can embark on! It is literally the stuff my dreams are made of. We exercised only a tiny bit of restraint and did the three pasta sampling (they have options for four or five). Our hands down favorite was the goat cheese ravioli with roasted beets and pistachio. It was incredible! I am only sad I didn’t take some to go from their market stall on the way out. With our bellies full we wandered through the rest of the market ogling Empire State Building shaped cookies and kitchen supply stores full of every cooking gadget you will never need. It’s a good thing I accidentally left my debit card at home and only had the limited cash in my wallet to survive on.

That night we headed to Broadway to see A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, a show I had been wanting to see for a while. I got us really cheap tickets from Today Tix, and we certainly got what we paid for. We were literally up in the rafters. I am not sure how they were even able to charge for those seats. I probably should have checked out the theater before booking, but generally Broadway theaters are small enough that you can see from any seat in the house. The show, while funny, was no where near my favorite show I’ve seen. The singing was Opera-esque and the jokes only mildly funny. You win some, you lose some!

Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park, NYC’s answer to the beach.

The next day we started by stuffing our faces at Bubby’s, which is a diner on steroids. Bubby’s is delicious, no fuss comfort food and endless pots of coffee rolled into a cute little space in Tribeca. The rest of the day was spent exploring Central Park and window-shopping the high-end retailers along Madison Avenue. There was an amazing school band in the amphitheater that was playing selections from the Into the Woods soundtrack and we relaxed a little bit while watching the mini sailboat races in one of the ponds. It really is amazing that this massive park is in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world. Once we completed our trek across the park we stumbled into the cutest Kate Spade store that was a converted brownstone turned multi-level shopping experience. It was so gorgeous, I wanted to live there. Once our feet just couldn’t take any more walking we headed back to the boat for some wine on deck as the sun set. That really is one of my favorite things to do. After the bottle was gone we headed up to the Liberty House Restaurant which boasts the best view of the skyline I’ve ever seen. Armed with a cocktail and a killer view, we reminisced, caught up and shared endless laughs. I really miss these girls.

A cosmo with a view of the city. The stuff Sex in the City dreams are made of!

The next morning we took the boat out for a short sail to see the Statue of Liberty up close and personal. It was a little rougher out than we hoped, but we did manage to get a few good pictures before our guests nearly lost their breakfast. A few of Jason’s boys came out on their powerboat and snapped a couple great shots of us out on the water as well. It’s nice having friends that can get good pictures of you on your boat.

If your travels ever take you to NYC and you’re looking for recommendations please reach out! We love helping people have a great time on their visits. And if you don’t want to reach out that’s cool too but dear God do NOT eat in a chain restaurant the entire time you are here, ESPECIALLY not in Times Square.

Oh, you know, just me driving this beast of a boat. NBD.
One of the coolest things about sailing in NYC is being ableto sail by the Statue of Liberty. It is cool EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Add in a buddy boat and it’s even better. Thanks Sea Biscuit for the shot!


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