Chillaxin in Powell Cay, Bahamas

Our first family photo in the Bahamas
Our first family photo in the Bahamas

One of the best parts about our crazy crossing is that it put us high enough up in the Bahamas that we get to spend some serious time in the Abacos. The Abacos tend to be a little less traveled by cruising boats as the crossing (as you’ve seen) can be pretty tough. But, as we’ve found, it can be incredibly rewarding! There are so many uninhabited islands for us to explore along the way. It is just us and incredibly beautiful beaches! The first week of our journey we had been playing third wheel to our new friends on Dragonfly and Pixie. They were going the same way we were and Dragonfly had been doing this for years. When you meet boats full of people your own age you hold on tight. When you meet people your own age who also happen to have the same Atomic 4 engine in them you latch on even tighter. Besides being generally awesome people, they taught us so much about the Bahamas, how to rely on the wind for everything (seriously, not even starting the engine to pull or drop anchor people!), where to spear fish, etc.


Since we’ve been here we’ve been quickly making our way south so that Mike (traveling aboard Pixie) could make it to Marsh Harbour to catch a flight back to the real world. On one particular sail from Fox Town (which happens to be neither foxy or very much of a town) to Green Turtle we made a pit stop at Powell Cay. The entire coast of the island is covered in beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. It was incredible. We watched the sun set behind our boats from the shore and headed back to make a dinner of our freshly caught fish of the day. It really is incredible to go out to hunt your dinner each and every day (well, incredible for Jason to).

The next morning the guys (Jason is still bummed he missed this!) went out and had a pretty great catch on the ocean side of the island. They caught a bunch of fish and five lobsters! Because the islands are so isolated the fish around the reefs are aplenty. This place was seriously paradise.

This guy was so heavy!

powell_cay_walkwater_powell_cay_bahamas powell_cay_dinghy


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