Product of the Week

4August 17, 2017

Project “Tear up our Floors” is still underway. Once the floors were out, we installed new plywood and covered them with remnant carpet cut to size. This knife made that project a breeze. We’ve also used these knives to open up packages, cut lines and about a hundred other tasks. Get two in case you can’t find one. You DON’T want to be without.

3June 28, 2017: Dewalt 3-Piece Chisel Set

Typical chisels only let you use the forward edge of the chisel. This 3 piece chisel set by Dewalt takes a full side of the chisel and turns it into more usable space. With two different edges, these hand tools have come in hand multiple times as we’ve been tearing up our old teak decks. Just keep in mind the edges are SHARP, don’t ask us how we know.

2May 7, 2017: AIMO Multimeter

The AIMO multimeter is the perfect low-cost alternative to the more expensive Klein Tools multimeter. The digital clamp meter measures both AC/DC current AND AC/DC amps – not just AC amps!

1April 20, 2017: USB Rechargeable Headlamp

When you live on a boat, a good headlamp is gold. And, Chancelot has a few aboard and at the ready. After switching out the batteries for what felt like the 50th time, I thought that there had to be a better way. Insert the Foxelli USB rechargeable headlamp. It is the same size, if not slightly smaller, than our other headlamps and much brighter. Whether I am checking on what is baking in the oven or checking for leaks in the dark depths of the bilge, this headlamp has been a welcome addition to our household time and time again.