Rainy Day Electric

Crimping and stripping. Just another Saturday.

It has been quite a dreary weekend. The weather has been dipping into the low 60’s (Excuse me mother nature, it is nearly JULY!) and it has done nothing but rain. Ugh. In my effort to attempt to make lemonade out of lemons I decided I was going to see if I could hard wire our new fan into the aft cabin.

After a little research, I was able to successfully pair the positive and negative wires to the wires of an old fan that had been removed and get the new fan working. Go me! Even better that I didn’t have to run new wires! This job wasn’t going to be too crazy. Now, just to permanently install it.

I pulled Jason in from cleaning the outside teak to consult on the project and make sure I was doing it properly. I thought I had everything considered, but I just wanted to be sure. You see, Jason is our electric genius on the boat. I’ve been known to hand him a butt connector a time or two, but he’s owned that side of our projects. I ran him through my plan, and to my surprise, I was spot on.

The remnants of the old fan switch were still installed which I removed given the fan had a built in switch. Once I cut that out I ran the wires through the existing hole. All that was left was to permanently connect the old wires to the new wires and I was set. I may have needed Jason’s muscles at one point (those damn butt connecters just wouldn’t crimp the whole way!) but I managed to do most of this project on my own. Now, lets see if I can figure out how to wire our new propane solenoid. As cheesy as this is going to sound – #GirlPower.

Ah, the site of a beautifully installed new fan in our aft cabin. We may move the wires or the fan location in the future, we were just trying to use existing holes.


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  1. Well, that was an electrifying post, Congratulations of overcoming all resistance. You have sparked some ideas for our boat….sorry…that is all the electrical banter I have….I work with steam myself.

  2. Nice job! As electrically illiterate as I am, this is an area I need some big time improvement in. We’ll be wiring cabin fans sometime in the near future, maybe that’s a good place to start 🙂