Rainy Days



{Crazy clouds through our portlights}

It has been nothing but grey skies and rain over in these parts making it incredibly difficult for us to accomplish everything we want to. You see, Jason and I have made up our minds. We’re getting the heck out of here! We’ve wasted way too much of our money on this stupid marina all for the luxury of living in a dirt filled yard. We’re sick of Florida. And we’re sick of dreaming about our upcoming adventure instead of living it! We’re ready to go! So, we’re working sun up to way past sundown to get us the heck out of here. No more leisurely coffee mornings. No more lazy afternoons socializing by the pool (even if it is about 200% humidity).

With that in mind we’re trying to get out of here as quickly as possible so we can meet a dear friend of ours in Belize. Wish us luck as we’ll certainly need it to get everything ready to leave! Oh, and if you are in the Cape Canaveral area and looking for a way to spend and afternoon – COME HELP US. We’ll supply beer.

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  1. I don’t know how I missed this post. We keep talking about where we’ll go next and Belize comes up every time! I hope we all get there some day.