Reflections on 2013


champagne-proseco2013 has been one of the strangest years for me. It was nothing like I expected it to be. If things had gone to plan we would have had one hell of an adventure sailing through the Caribbean and exploring Central America. We would have likely already been settled in a new home in Colombia working on our new business venture. I would have a better grasp on my Spanish from spending so much time in Spanish speaking countries and I would likely be eating empanadas every day.

Instead, we are still in Florida.

This cruising dream has been so much more work than we ever anticipated. Instead of a month of on the hard work in Florida and another 2 weeks in the water before we headed off into the sunset we have spent nearly a year in Florida prepping for our journey. Tackling one project would guarantee we discovered another “must address” issue. Everything took about 10 times longer to complete than we thought it would. They say that cruising is a real test on a relationship but I can say with confidence that if Jason and I could make it through rebuilding our boat while we were living on it we have a long life of happiness together ahead of us.

While 2013 was nothing like we imagined it to be it has been full of a lot of really great accomplishments. In 2013 we completely gutted and rebuilt our sailboat, put our mast back up, nearly blew up our boat (OK, not a great accomplishment, but a really great lesson!), finally got Chance in the water after 15 years of being on the hard, took Chance on her maiden voyage (after that long on the hard I think she was a born again sailing virgin), cast off the dock lines to try living on the hook, learned to problem solve together, realized that you really don’t need a lot of “things” to be happy and we have learned truly how kind the sailing community is.

The biggest accomplishment for myself this year was my new ability to truly go with the flow. I used to plan everything. I never had a relaxing weekend. They were always filled with brunch, then this, then dinner at 8. For the most part I always new what was going to happen with my time. I had a 5 year plan. Now, I have no idea what I am going to be doing next week or where exactly I’ll be. The best part is that I am just fine with that. This year has taught me to take what is thrown at you and make the best of it. So many less than pleasant things were thrown at us this year but we figured them out. This year has taught us that we can do anything we put our minds to.

2014 already has some amazing things lined up for us and I personally couldn’t be more excited to get started. We hope you have a wonderful New Year full of adventures and amazing moments!

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    • Thanks Mark & Cindy! We’re hoping to begin the trek south on Wednesday! Fingers crossed all goes to plan 🙂