Relaxing at Canada Lake



One thing I love about living up north is that people really take advantage of every season they get. They know it will only be here for a couple of months so they better make the most of it. Well, last weekend we did just that. We packed up the van (yes, we drive a minivan. We’re soccer moms and we don’t even have kids!) and headed up to our friend’s lake house on Canada Lake. Canada Lake is a up in the Adirondack Mountains, about 3 1/2 – 4 hours away from the city. Only half of the Lake is accessibly by road, and the other half you can only get to by boat or by hiking in. What that means is it is perfect for is spending a few days relaxing without the temptations of a local watering hole. When I first went up to the lake the only place you could even get cell signal was the coffee shop in “town.” This time around we did have cell signal and wifi, but it was still a gloriously relaxing weekend with good friends. It was a bit overcast the first day so we spent most of it just hanging out and talking, exploring the land around the house, napping (!), laughing and watching the sun set once the clouds finally broke.

Morning coffee and fog on the dock.
Jon's grandpa built this beautiful house.
Hoffman’s Lot: Jon’s grandpa built this beautiful house.
Dewey may like running around at the beach, but she LOVES exploring in the woods. It put an extra pep in her step like she was just a puppy!



The sunsets on the lake are quite incredible.
Our ride for the weekend. The dogs loved the flat space to run around on.
So many butterflies and hummingbirds out on the porch.

dock_lake_chair Riley_canada_lake

The next day we managed to get a little sun and fun before we headed back to the city. With the heat index in the city well into the upper 90s we wanted to stay in our mountain escape as long as possible. So, we headed to Kane Mountain for a little hike. It is a pretty easy 1/2 mile hike each way that takes you to a fire tower that has a pretty incredible view of the area. The dogs peed on what seemed like every tree and loved every second of it. Despite hiking only 600 feet up, Jason and I were a sweaty mess by the time we got to the top. I’m not sure if we’re that out of shape or it was just hot outside but I do know that all that fresh air was good for our souls.

Dewey and Riley owned the hike up Kane Mountain.
Dewey and Riley owned the hike up Kane Mountain.
One day we'll get a good family picture with everyone looking at the camera and making normal faces.
One day we’ll get a good family picture with everyone looking at the camera and making normal faces.


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