Running out of Propane in Vero Beach



You know that time when you are half way through baking a delicious Digiorno pizza and you are readying the boat for a morning departure to Ft. Pierce? It is exactly at that time that you will run out of propane. I mean there was a half cooked pizza in the oven for goodness sake! We thought about trying to cut it up and grilling it on our teeny tiny (but awesome) grill, but opted for a cold can of ghetto version Spaghetti-Os. #boatlifeproblems. To top it off, we opted not to have our propane tank filled that Thursday when a company comes to the marina and picks up your empty tank, fills it up, and drops it back off for you. We thought we had plenty of propane left. I guess when you are boiling water to keep warm and finally get your oven working you go through propane a little quicker.

So, instead of raising anchor at first light, I made the trek to 7-11 in the dinghy. It was a particularly foggy morning, so foggy in fact that I could barely see 5 feet in front of me! Nevermind the challenge, I navigated through the channels like a pro and found a nice little beach-ish area to land my dinghy. The best part was that it was only a two block walk to 7-11 from there. When Jason had to go fill our jerry with gas he had to walk at least 1/2 a mile to from where everyone else said to land the dinghy. Thank you google maps (in satellite view) for letting me find a much closer place to land the dinghy! So, if you run out of propane in Vero and it isn’t refill day, I made a nice little map for you on where to park.


From there I just hooked the empty tank onto my handy dandy luggage cart and rolled it the two blocks to the store for the exchange. A man who lived on the street I was walking on even stopped me to ask me where I got my cart because he thought it was so great. Who cares if he scoffed a tad when I told him I got it at Goodwill.

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