Running Views

Jetty Park at sunrise

Sometimes I forget that I live at the beach and that Florida isn’t all terrible humidity and tons of bugs (at least not at 7am). Yesterday I tried getting up at the crack of dawn to get a little fitness in before all the clouds burned off and the sweltering heat settled in. I was only half successful. The route I go takes me from our marina down to the beach and back. By the time I was done frolicking in the sand all the clouds burned off and I almost slipped on my puddles of sweat for the entire run back. At least I got to see this view before the misery set in!

Seagulls down by the seashore.

Even better was that I got to return to a niceĀ air conditioned boat. Yes folks, you heard correctly. We caved and finally installed a proper ac in our boat. I even built a nice box for our hatch out of some left over insulation we had from our freezer box. It works like a charm. We’re now cool and bug free. Heaven.

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog when searching for a good post about offshore first aid kits — and came across the doggie first aid kit post (which we’ll need too!). Awesome site! Where are you in Florida right now? We’re over on the SW coast (Naples), but are planning to head south after hurricane season as well. I’ll definitely be checking out your site from now on. Happy sailing! -Kim, s/v LAHO

    • Hi Kim – thanks for following along! We’re in Port Canaveral right now and plan to head south starting early November. How far south are you headed? Maybe we’ll meet up along the way!